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4 Ways to Build Salon Suite Clientele FAST!

4 Ways to Build Salon Suite Clientele FAST!


To run a successful business in the beauty industry, you need to build a list of loyal clients. According to research, 45% of salon customers return, and 70% of second-time clients will book a third. In short, the more return clients you can book, the more likely you are to build a regular client base.

Launching a new salon suite can be challenging if you’re starting with a blank slate. Building up a client list fast will drastically impact your long-term success. Let’s take a look at a few ways to streamline your approach to client acquisition.

1. Decide Your Ideal Target Audience

4 Ways to Build Salon Suite Clientele FAST! | Mallorca Salon Studios

A little bit of market research goes a long way when trying to determine your target market. Your salon suites may attract a wide demographic or a narrow one based on the services and even staff abilities offered.

There are two types of market research when leasing a salon suite. Primary research is the information you gather yourself, including:

  • Asking locals what they’re looking for
  • Posting a social media poll
  • Chatting with other beauty professionals

Secondary research is research compiled by a third party, including:

  • Government census details for your city
  • Marketing statistics posted online

Once you know what the main demographic is for your city, you can design your business to fit that niche, or build a niche of your own based on experience and preference.

2. Take Your Salons or Your Own IG Seriously!

Instagram is a staple in salon social media marketing. It offers the most visual approach to sharing salon successes with your potential client base. Knowing there are 2 billion users on Instagram, it’s important to put your best foot forward.

Taking your Instagram seriously shows consumers you’re serious about your brand. It also keeps you relevant, ensuring your followers are always seeing things that remind them to visit your salon. Some ways to take your IG seriously include:

  • Post consistently: The more you post, the more potential customers will see your brand online.
  • Incentivize sharing: Put your brand into the hands of your followers by offering referral incentives.
  • Optimize visuals: Instagram is already a visual social media experience. Amp it up with video reels or boomerangs along with your images.
  • Be purposeful: Take the time to enhance images and add fitting music to evoke feelings and inspire viewers.
  • Show your work: Instagram is an excellent way to show what you can do as a stylist. Take photos (with customer permission) and draw in newcomers.

Don’t neglect your personal Instagram. You carry your brand over into your individual feed. Share stories from your business, and provide ample opportunity for your friends, family members, and other followers to market your brand with you.

3. Attract New Clientele with Special First Time Specials

4 Ways to Build Salon Suite Clientele FAST! | Mallorca Salon Studios

Promotions drive marketing in a big way, especially for first-time customers. To draw in newcomers, offer an incentive to try your services over others. Some ideas for first-time service specials include:

  • BOGO service offers
  • 20% off first-cut coupons
  • Free wash and style with any cut
  • Discounted add-ons (50% off 10 foils when you buy a color service, etc.)

First-time salon specials are great because they have a one-time use stipulation. This limits coupons to one per customer. It also encourages customers to share coupons with friends and family members, drawing in more newcomers.

4. Inspire Word-of-Mouth Recommendations


Word-of-mouth marketing is a driving factor in the business world. While digital and traditional marketing tactics take a salon far, word of mouth is one of the most trusted forms of advertising. Word of mouth delivers five times as much business as paid ads. Use this to your advantage by offering referral incentives, such as:

  • Sharing social media content for contest entries
  • Bringing in new clients for discounts on services
  • Offering additional business cards for customers to share with friends

Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the oldest and still trusted methods of marketing. Being a small local business, your salon suites can use this method to bring in newcomers and encourage return business.


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4 Ways to Build Salon Suite Clientele FAST! | Mallorca Salon Studios

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