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Boost Your Business: Strategies for Marketing in Hair Salon Studios

Boost Your Business: Strategies for Marketing in Hair Salon Studios

San Antonio, Texas is home to roughly 1,506,593 people. That’s a lot of clients looking for you! 

For a business owner in San Antonio, marketing plays a huge role in drawing in this population and rising above local competitors.

Mallorca Salon Studios works closely with their beauty entrepreneurs, including hair stylists, nail technicians, estheticians, and more. We offer in-house marketing support to encourage you in your advertising and brand-building efforts through our hair salon suites.

Proven Marketing Strategies for Hair Salon Studios

Develop Your Brand


Mallorca Salon Studios knows that building a brand as a beauty entrepreneur means making yourself noticeable and memorable. Some ways to encourage brand awareness through our beauty salon suites include:

  • A business phone number
  • Create an account for clients to book appointments (Vagaro, Booksy, Gloss Genius)
  • Designing a unique logo
  • Printing signage and business cards, including your logo


Once you’ve built a brand, it’s time to get yourself out there. Let’s more closely examine some of the ways to get noticed and encourage consumers to share your brand with others.


Leverage Social Media


Social media plays a huge role in how consumers view and share information. One of the ways Mallorca supports our hair salon suite tenants is by sharing your salon through our own website and social media channels.

Proven Marketing Strategies for Hair Salon Studios

Along with this support, beauty entrepreneurs should develop their own social media presence. The best way to do this is by creating consistent, relevant, and eye-catching content. Visuals are a widely popular way to share an inside glance at your hair salon suite and engage consumers.


Create a Website or Booking Link


The modern world seems to operate online, and the beauty industry is no different. Having a website or a booking link keeps you modern and lets consumers connect with you quickly and easily on their own time.

One way Mallorca supports these online endeavors is through our free directory page. All our tenants are listed on our website along with:

  • Contact information
  • Website/Booking link
  • Biography
  • Pictures of work
  • Other links

This directory gets over 2,000 clicks every month and puts you in direct line with new potential clients looking for services like yours. Don’t miss out on new clients who could be viewing your website and services through Mallorca’s database. We support all our tenants in getting noticed and staying active online.

Packages and Promotions

Proven Marketing Strategies for Hair Salon Studios

Every consumer loves a good deal, especially when it comes to hair and beauty. Promotional packages are a great way to draw in new customers and encourage existing customers to try new services by bundling them.

Bundling services can be a great way to save the consumer a few extra dollars but also encourage them to try new ones. Some common examples include a manicure/pedicure deal, an eyebrow wax as an add-on, or even a discounted spray tan with any service. You can promote your discounted rates on social media, create an email campaign with your client list including coupons or even send out physical mailers to create a tangible promotional item your clients can cash in. Word may even travel throughout the community encouraging new clientele.


Implement a Referral Program


Referral programs are the lifeblood of the beauty industry. About 92% of consumers trust referrals from those they know, over any other advertising. Offering your established clients a 10%- 15% discount on services for referring their friends or family is a great way to encourage new clients to find you.

At Mallorca, we offer a stylist referral program. Each new tenant you refer to us who signs a lease earns you a cash payout of $500! There’s nothing better than having your rent paid for you while you work side-by-side with your stylist friends.


Additional Benefits of Building Your Brand with Mallorca

Proven Marketing Strategies for Hair Salon Studios

Building your beauty brand is important, but having the right space to do it is crucial to the success of your business. Mallorca offers secure luxury salon suites that are 100% private. Mallorca also throws in free business tools including a website directory listing and marketing/advertising services if you need them. No surprise fees, no extra costs, all utilities are included. 

 If you’ve dreamed of running your studio, this could be the right fit for you.


Contact Mallorca Salon Studios Today


Mallorca Salon Studios puts our tenants first. We offer flexible operating hours 7 days a week with three locations throughout San Antonio. Balance your work and home life and build your own hours.

If you’re looking to start a salon in San Antonio, Texas, we can help. Visit Mallorca online or call us today at 1-210-686-5602.

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