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How to Decorate Your Salon Suite in 2024

How to Decorate Your Salon Suite in 2024: 7 Best Salon Suite Ideas for Modern-Themed Decoration


Decorating Your Own Salon Suite

When decorating your salon suite you will be given total creative control, allowing you to express your personalized sense of style and create a welcoming ambiance for your clients. You will have the option to choose the layout of your salon suite, color of paint on the walls, and even the furniture you incorporate. Go for the giant fluffy chair & pillows or a retro themed couch and lamp combo- choose any esthetic that speaks to your heart! This article will walk you through the important things to consider when designing your salon suites along with seven design trends for 2024.

Planning the Layout of Your Salon Suite

It is important to remember that a well-thought-out salon design plays a critical role in not just attracting customers, but also retaining them. An efficient layout contributes to a smooth service, minimizes clutter, and increases overall productivity. A well-thought out salon design is not just about your decorations but also practicality. The best salon suites create a harmonious balance between esthetic and functionality.

Utilizing Your Space Effectively

To best utilize your salon suite, plan your layout carefully. Reflect on the services you provide and the clientele you host. Consider any special equipment needed, such as a massage bed or lash stand. Each professional will have a unique set of obstacles or overcome when planning the layout of his/her suite. Here are some tips to help you utilize your space efficiently:

  • Play around with the furniture pieces and fixtures, ensuring they fit together and that there is sufficient space for movement.
  • Assess the unique features of your space, such as windows or columns, and incorporate them into your design.
  • Take advantage of corner spaces which can be used as storage for shelving or even client coats and purses.

7 Salon Suite Decor Ideas on Trend for 2024

Now that you have put together a well thought out and efficient layout for your salon suite, you are ready to dive into the design aspect. It is time to decide what style will best fit you and your clients. Remember this is the space that will be your “home away from home” so it is very important to make sure that the aesthetic and colors are calming and comfortable for you. Be careful to avoid decor or colors that give off a  “high-frequency” or “high-energy” as to avoid extra stress or mental strain throughout your day if you are a person who finds yourself more sensitive to that. 

If you are feeling like you need some inspiration for your salon suite, here are the top seven upcoming  design trends for 2024.

1.  Fresh Plant Life & Bold Greens

2020 and 2021 saw a rising trend in house plants- While many homeowners discovered the peace and zen that accompanies having an indoor plant, designers and aesthetes everywhere took notice as well. Many began incorporating greenery and its health benefits into a working setting which was the change that so many were looking for, from there the trend was set in motion. In 2024, we will continue to see this vegetation mania flourish into salons, salon suites, medical spas, and other therapeutic office spaces giving beauty, health and wellness a more healing and holistic vibe.

Some proven benefits to including plant life into your living space:

  • Air purification
  • Boost in Productivity 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety 
  • Supports cognitive health


Faux plants can serve the same ‘aesthetic’ purpose as real plants and are an excellent option for the forgetful salon owner- however, only real plants serve the fantastic health benefits listed above.

When decorating, the dark and light shades of green in the leaves of the plant can be perfectly complemented with a rich, dark green accent walls or salon chair. Hanging plants and vertical gardens are also great touches that save floor space.

2. A Minimalist Design

Minimalism involves using the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space, it is all about prioritizing quality over quantity. Minimalism has been a giant trend we have seen rise over the last five years. But in 2024, minimalism is going to look a little bit different. Rather than having a salon suite that looks empty or brand new, minimalism in 2024  is all about “intentional placement of furniture and decor”.

  • Try to stick to a simple color pallet and natural materials, and avoid complex patterns. Try a monochromatic color palette or clean simple lines.
  • Ensure that all items on display serve a practical function, this may require some creative storage solutions- Consider a tradition “Zen” Style approach to decluttering.
  • Contemplate possible materials, metal and glass are popular materials to incorporate into your minimalist design.
  • Use clever lighting to either highlight a specific area or emphasize the simplicity of the overall space.
  • Empty does not always equal dull and bland. Remember, does it serve a purpose? What is the function? 

3. Retro 

Remnants of generations’ past spring back to life in the form of vibrant burnt oranges, deep mustard yellows, the use of velvet furniture, shag rugs, bold designs, and funky wall art. 


Choosing furniture with a slightly space aged feel is perfect for creating a retro look, Focus on hoops, ovals, curves, rounded edges or circular shapes. Additionally, using any texture that looks and feels “squishy” is also a great way to capitalize on a nostalgic space.  Keep in mind that this era reminds people of a time back when things were simple, just good music, good people, and good vibes. 

4. Statement Wall

A statement wall is a part of your salon that has a beautiful design designated for clients to take selfies! Trendy clientele are often looking to take a cute picture, especially if they just received a service that they love, and a statement wall is the perfect place to do it. You can build buzz for your business with a statement wall by:

  • Include your Instagram handle 
  • Encourage your clients to post with your salon’s handle
  • Research and including cute hashtags for clients to use to help boost engagement 
  • Post any client statement wall pictures on your social media

A statement wall can be a free marketing tool  for your business but also help your clients feel trendy and beautiful.

5. Biophilia & Wabi Sabi 

Wabi Sabi looks into life and design as ‘imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete’.  Meaning that any object or being in its raw and natural form, gives a unique aesthetic and sense of simple comfort. A biophilic design brings natural elements into interior spaces and aims to deepen a humans’ emotional attachment to the natural world. It’s fairly easy to conclude that these two similar designs would soon merge to create their own trend. 

Some simple ways to incorporate a Biophilic & Wabi Sabi design into your salon suite may include:

  • Skylights, to provide natural light
  • Green or living walls
  • Any presence of water such as a fountain or pond
  • Mimicking natural patterns found in nature (i.e. curves, fractals, and geometric shapes.) 

6. Rustic & Sustainable 

Sustainability has far surpassed trendiness to become a wider goal for most communities. Because of this, artists have begun to create far more creative and interesting pieces based on these parameters. We have seen beautiful furniture created from recycled cardboard (Max Lamb) or even salon tables made from internal parts of discarded refrigerator (Eco Birdy) Incorporating a rustic design to your salon suite may align perfectly with your mantra to create a more sustainable work space and world. 

Natural wood is a key component to creating a rustic space.  (furniture, shelving, etc.) This may include pieces that you have repurposed or thrifted yourself, but it could also mean that you ensured what material is used, where it was manufactured, and where it’s sourced. Many upcycled materials and furniture pieces are not just sustainable but unique and trendy.

7. Pretty In Pink

With Barbie featured in a recent movie release, the color pink has returned and quickly gained a massive following. Pushing this giant trend right into 2024, pink-lovers everywhere show no sign of letting this movement die!

Pink is so versatile- when used in lighter hues, pink can be fresh and airy, giving off a more peaceful vibe. Match a light pink with a solid white for a cleaner, crisp environment. While a brighter pink can be playful and energetic; pairing that with neon signs and bright signage can play into this energy. Pink is beautifully complimented by almost any color. 

You can easily incorporate this color in many ways:

  • Pink seating
  • Pink lighting fixtures
  • Pink sinks
  • Pink statement wall
  • Pink drapes
  • Pink pillows


As we embrace 2024, salon suite decor in San Antonio is evolving with trends that blend personal style with modernity. The key ideas we’ve presented – Fresh Plant Life, Minimalism, Retro, Statement Walls, Biophilia & Wabi Sabi, Rustic & Sustainable, and Pretty In Pink – offer a diverse range of aesthetics, each fostering a unique and rejuvenating client experience.

Your salon suite is more than a workplace; it’s a reflection of your creativity and a haven for clients. Choosing the right decor is crucial in crafting an inviting and memorable atmosphere. Whether it’s the tranquility of greenery, the chic simplicity of minimalism, or the nostalgic charm of retro, each design choice shapes the ambiance of your space.

For salon owners looking to create an impactful, client-centered environment, we invite you to explore these trends. Let your suite be a testament to your unique vision and dedication to client satisfaction. If you’re inspired to transform your salon suite into a space that resonates with these 2024 trends, contact Mallorca Salon Studios. You may also contact us at (210) 686-5602, or drop an email at to schedule your tour. We’re here to help you find the perfect suite to bring your vision to life. Let’s create beautiful, welcoming spaces together!

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